Our Team

Dilan Kaplan

Dilan Kaplan, an alumnus of the ISU Space Studies Program, achieved her Bachelor of Laws in 2014 with The Open University and the College of Law. At the University of Luxembourg, she studied Space Law, Media, and Satellite Communications. Dilan has consulted on different projects involving human space exploration, asteroid mining and ethics behind AI & robotics for medicine in space. She also works with a start-up company in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a compliance specialist and a data analyst.

Deniz Aygun

Deniz is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Kent and a specialised backend web developer with over 5 years of experience in the IT sector. With his fascination for all things space and passion to learn and grow, he strives to ensure UKAM has a solid, secure and modern IT infrastructure throughout, as well as actively contributing in business and non-technical matters.

Alex Owens

Alex’s background is in space systems engineering after completing a Masters degree at the University of Leicester in 2017, with a Bachelors degree in Astrophysics obtained from Nottingham Trent University in 2015. He also attended the International Space University in 2018 where the idea for UK Analogue Mission arose and the journey to developing missions in the UK began. Alex is also a full-time satellite navigation engineer at GMV NSL.

Evan Cook

Content Creator
Evan is an award-winning short story writer, playwright and copywriter. His interest in analogue missions stems from research and reflection on the benefits and applications of spaceflight. He aims to use his skills in writing and content creation to connect with UKAM audiences through articles that foster a range of interests in both analogue missions and the space industry. He received a bachelor’s degree in theatre and creative writing at University of South Carolina. He also studies Master's creative writing at the University of Surrey.

Joshua Finn

IT Assistant
Josh is a final year aerospace engineering student at the university of Surrey. He has been heavily interested in the aerospace industry since he was in secondary school and has tailored his degree towards aerodynamics regarding supersonic and hypersonic craft, which he hopes one day to apply to rocketry and re-entry vehicles. Currently Josh helps maintain and develop the website and is heavily interested in engaging others to be interested in the Space sector.

Thom Clark

Thom (or Charlie) recently graduated from an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University. He undertook a BSc in Aerospace engineering at the University of the West of England, graduating in 2015. In the summer of 2018, he also participated in the ISU Space Studies Program in the Netherlands. His ambitions for UKAM are to bring the UK into the web of nations contributing to human spaceflight research and provide opportunities for students to get involved with that portion of the space industry.

Quade MacDonald

Fundraising Assistant
Quade graduated from the University of Portland in 2018, studying Political Science and Psychology. His interest in Analogue Missions ties into his belief that space should be accessible to everyone, and that Analogue Missions help to break down barriers to space access. UKAM’s goals of using Analogue Missions to inspire and advance STEM is something for which Quade holds great passion. He assists with the fundraising aspects of the mission.
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