Jul 31

A Window to Mars

In just the latter half of July, the world has seen three separate space launches all with the same destination in mind: Mars. Because the opportunity to travel to Mars roughly opens once every twenty-six months, three countries – The United Arab Emirates, China, and The United States – have each launched a mission to […]

Jul 27

Artemis: The Twin Sister of Apollo

NASA has committed itself to an ambitious goal: to once again land humans on the Moon. The Artemis Lunar Exploration Program, aptly named for its twin-like relationship to the Apollo missions, aims to not only return astronauts to the lunar surface, but to create a sustainable presence on and around the Moon. If successful, this […]

Jun 6

SpaceX Marks the Spot

Following a delayed first attempt, SpaceX through partnership with NASA has successfully launched the Crew Dragon module on 30 May 2020 at 8:22pm GMT. This launch marks a historic milestone in space exploration. Not only is it the first time the United States has launched a crewed mission from Kennedy Space Center in Florida since […]

Apr 24

A Not-So Secret Mission in Charted Space: Analogue Missions and Their Benefit to Space Exploration

Space exploration has lately been making ripples amongst news outlets. Events such as the founding of the United States military Space Force program, the Artemis program to return to the Moon and the plan to journey to Mars have garnered much attention. But a successful space mission does not begin in space. Experiments to prepare […]

Mar 6

Female Success in the Space Industry

Public interest in the space industry lately has grown exponentially. Not from exploration or technological advancement in particular, but because of the recent successes that women have had in the industry. Many different organizations, from the likes of NASA to the lesser-known analog mission programs, have taken great strides toward not only future exploration, but […]

Jan 15

The Next Generation Spacesuit: Safety and Preparation for Commercial Flight

With the future of space travel moving forward, which includes commercial spaceflight and an eventual return to the moon, a major focus in the industry has been on the safety of astronauts and even potential passengers. Namely, that of the astronaut suit and its benefits and adaptability in space. Newly designed suits have recently been […]

Nov 22

Welcome to Evan’s Blog

Welcome to the UKAM blog. Here you will find articles regarding company news and announcements, the space industry, UKAM attended events and conferences, and general posts about technology, interviews and opinions about space exploration sciences pertaining to UKAM’s vision. UKAM’s vision aims to develop practicing analog missions in the UK whilst promoting international and interdisciplinary […]