Flying Orb BoomerangBall

Most iOS and Android devices have built-in games. Smart devices are also widely used by both children and seniors. According to experts, the latter has led to social and cognitive harm. Prolonged exposure to blue light is linked to age-related macular degeneration and other vision problems. Boomerang Ball is a revolutionary glowing and flying orb that encourages people to engage in offline games. According to the creator, the ball is designed with high-tech features and doesn’t limit anyone from all the fun. So, is the trendy boomerang ball worth the hype? This review has more on the Aurabi flying orb.

What Is Boomerang Ball? 

Boomerang Ball is a handheld flying orb that utilizes drone technology. The rechargeable orb ball has built-in colorful LED lights and a fidget spinner. Its batteries charge super-fast, and the creator claims it’s durable and indestructible. According to the creator, it’s designed to encourage kids to indulge in outdoor activities and limit prolonged usage of phones and computers. In addition, it has no age limit. The revolutionary toy has an omnidirectional rotation, and it’s controlled mechanically. It‘s slightly larger than a baseball and weighs approximately 26g to soar, glide and spin through the air quickly. 

How Does  Boomerang Ball Work? 

The trendy toy doesn’t require technical skills. Instead, it has a built-in motor mechanism that performs magical aerobatic stunts. It is a motorized ball that uses drone technology and has LED lights illuminating space. The user shakes and throws the ball and triggers the flight mechanism enabling it to soar through the air. 

Once the user throws the ball, it follows the defined trajectory in its path. According to the creator, consumers can use the Boomerang ball for 10 minutes and then recharge it. On a flight, it illuminates the space with colorful LED lights. It also produces specular sounds while it’s spinning.