About Us

UK Analogue Mission (UKAM) is simulating human space flight missions and providing the entire experience of what it takes to live and work in space and on other worlds.

To do this, UKAM is taking a three-phase approach:

Phase 1

The design, development and construction of an analogue mission habitat.

Involving a team of multidisciplinary students and volunteers to develop their practical skills and aid habitat development.

Building the expertise and showcasing the skills needed to develop the UK's first human analogue mission.

Phase 2

The Proof-of-Concept Stage

UKAM will run a series of demonstration analogue missions to test our habitat, search for ideal remote locations and build experience.

Phase 3

Providing the full "space experience" to interested parties and collaborators.

Regular analogue missions on UK soil, to simulate isolated environments and technology development.

Engaging the community through interactive workshops and seminars.

STEAM Outreach and education events to attract people of all ages and backgrounds.


UK Analogue Mission is registered in England and Wales by the Companies House as a limited by shares company. There are currently three shareholders who are also founders of the company, working on a voluntary basis with all profits being cycled back into the company for the benefit of the project infrastructure and community.


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